Tyrolit’s new system solution for drilling diameters up to 250mm

Published 28/6 at 12:42

Tyrolit has launched the new DRS250 core drilling system for drilling diameters of up to 250mm.

In addition to the DRS162, Tyrolit now offers another system where the drill motor and drill rig complement each other forming one unit. 

Thanks to its 2.5kW motor, compact build and low weight, users can benefit from a powerful and user friendly solution, with additionally, the two speed oil bath gearbox of the DRS250 providing for lubrication in all working positions, as well as a balanced torque to speed ratio. By means of a space saving mounting option via a dowel foot, frictionless work is possible in narrow spaces. The mechanical friction clutch and the integrated PRCD safety switch ensure security. Optionally, Tyrolit offers a vacuum plate that provides a higher flexibility for the system mounting.

The advantages of the solution include a drilling diameter up to Ø 250mm with two speed transmission, a 2.5kW motor, a space saving mounting option via a dowel foot, and optional vacuum plate offering more flexibility for the system mounting.

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