Tyrolit segments impress in Russia

Published 21/4, 2020 at 14:22

In a brick factory in the region of Tula, Russia, the steel shaft of a clay mixer was broken. It was quickly determined that the stuck shaft had to be removed in order to continue with the production of the bricks.

For this job, Diamond Tech Construction from Moscow was assigned, with the company not hesitating to take on the demanding task. After 11h of work and seven re-grindings, the pure steel shaft was loose and the stuck shaft, with a length of 600mm, was removed successfully.

For the completion of the job Diamond Tech equipped a core drill bit with a diameter of 132mm, with 14 Tyrolit Premium 840 U-Cut segments with a Pentruder NTGRA drill motor also being used. The sharpening of the Tyrolit segments was not necessary, even with the powerful Pentruder drill motor operating at 750-760 rpm, and was able to undertake the work satisfactorily.

Tyrolit Premium 840 U-Cut segments have been developed for general usage, but specifically for working on reinforced concrete. They have a segment height of 11.3mm for a longer operational lifetime. They are designed to be used with Tyrolit’s  CD840 wet drill bits,  providing quality tools for the most demanding of applications with maximum cost efficiency. The laser welded segments are up to Ø 300mm for maximum safety and segment geometry for a high stock removal rate.

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