US launch of Pentruder RS2 at World of Concrete

Published 27/12, 2021 at 12:16

The new Pentruder RS2 is set to be launched in the US and will be shown at the World of Concrete show - booth D244 - by Pentruder’s distributor ICS Oregon Tools Inc.

Since the introduction of the new Pentruder RS2 wall saw in March 2021 in selected European markets, the response has been very positive. Even though the market expectations were high they have been reached easily, with the new wall saw having already been nicknamed the ‘pocket rocket’ by UK customers. The big launch in the US will now take place at World of Concrete in January, 2022, with expectations high for the US market. 


Pentruder power and reliability

Pentruder says its machines are well known among professional concrete cutters for their power and reliability, with the RS2 having been developed to meet the high demands and expectations of Pentruder’s customers.  The RS2 is a medium sized wall saw with high degrees of capacity, with Pentruder saying that it is basically a perfect all round saw for the majority of jobs. The saw is small, and the saw head weighs less than 25kg, including the integrated 24hp motor. The optimal blade size for the RS2 is between 660mm and 1,371mm and has a maximum blade capacity of 1,600mm. 

Its ‘HFi-system’ comes with a new compact and light weight high cycle power pack, with the RS2 saw head and ‘PP3 Pentpak’ being connected with only one cable in order to shorten the setup time. The Pentpak 3 is a much lighter power pack than Pentruder’s previous generations, designed to keep the total weight of the system as low as possible. One of Pentruder’s biggest goals during the development of new products is to ease the daily work for the concrete cutters and offer machines that are reliable and effective. 

Another important feature is the modularity of the system. The classic Pentruder track system with the ‘TS-track’ is much appreciated by customers for its stability and low weight. The RS2 runs on the same track as the well-known high cycle wall saws and has the same distance between the blade and the track feet. “The innovative design, especially the integrated motor system and ease of operator use that the saws showed on the demonstration, were a ‘no brainer’ as far as we were concerned.  From the low maintenance build to the 18kW of maximum power output, simple power and blade connection and the dynamic guard design ‘ticking all of our boxes’, we very much look forward to the adding the future modular units as they become available,” comments Colin Walker, managing director of Truecut Diamond Drilling Ltd. in the UK, a highly satisfied customer.

“We launched the RS2 in selected European markets in order to keep up with the demand. We already have a very good order stock and the interest has been even bigger than we expected. The RS2 will now be rolled out in the rest of the world, starting with North America and Australia,” says Pentruder marketing director Marie Peil.

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