Vacuworx offers faster and safer way to handle precast, pre-stressed concrete

Published 29/6 at 12:40

When an industry leading precast company wanted a faster, safer way to handle precast, pre-stressed double tee beams, Vacuworx provided a smart solution.

The new CC-TT computer controlled ‘double tee’ vacuum lifting system offers an alternative to using anchors and chains and eliminates the need for personnel to climb on stacks or ladders to set dunnage. 

Vacuum lifting technology has been a preferred method of material handling in the pipeline and construction industries for over 20 years. The new CC-TT is one of the largest systems engineered by the company, boasting a lift capacity of 35t. Based on the time proven design of the company’s popular RC Series, the CC-TT is designed with a multifunction computer operated remote control system with touch screen which provides real time operation and diagnostic information including vacuum pressure (reservoir and pads), fuel level, battery status and more. Closed circuit cameras allow unobstructed views to enable precise pad placement. Variable pad positions ensure even lifting and avoidance of key stress points. The CC-TT system is powered by a diesel engine and is designed to work with mobile or stationary gantry cranes. Pads are specially engineered to accommodate the weight and size of double tee beams. Each pad is equipped with a sensor to confirm that the load is engaged. The system can also be modified to handle other precast structures or steel.

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