Versatile bucket from Cobra big hit in Russia

Published 5/10, 2020 at 16:25

The Cobra screening bucket is designed for screening soil, peat, coal, sand and other bulky materials. In addition, it effectively crushes, aerates, grinds, and mixes various materials.

One of the most popular applications of these screening buckets is in sorting construction waste; as a result, some Russian companies have begun to recycle such material.

One of the major construction companies in Moscow turned to Cobra for help. The company's construction sites often produced large amounts of soil mixed with construction waste comprising of concrete, bricks, gravel, rebar mixed with soil. Following the example of many Western companies, the company decided to begin recycling this construction waste, with the initial task being to divide construction debris into components, removing the soil from first of all. 

A 20t Hitachi zx210 crawler excavator was selected as the carrier vehicle for the 1.4 m3 Cobra S3-180 screening bucket which was delivered from the factory in Finland to the customer's site in Moscow. By this time a lot of work had accumulated for the bucket and the first application on the customer's site was screening stale wet peat. This lowland peat was brought from the fields and was loaded with various sticks, stones and other materials. In addition, the peat was quite wet and partially caked with many pieces of the peat requiring crushing prior to sorting. The client had a large trommel screen, but with a lump of peat there was nothing that could be done to break the material down so was ineffective. 

The Cobra screening bucket successfully completed the task, sifted the peat, removed the unwanted materials and simultaneously crushed the caked peat pieces. As a result of screening, fine grained already aerated peat was obtained, ready for shipment to customers. The next task for the screening bucket was screening construction waste, which was initially the reason for purchasing the equipment, which comprised of a mixture of concrete, bricks, rebar and wood. As a result of screening, clean soil was obtained, ready for creating soils and peat mixtures.

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