Visibility, the key to safety

Published 22/2, 2018 at 13:13

Ausa is proud to be one of the companies globally that is working to incorporate new safety elements and redesign vehicle parts that are most commonly affected, with the aim of ensuring full operational integrity.

This will allow users to concentrate on their work and improve their productivity. From new technologies to the redesign of external parts, Ausa has continued to put the safety of its customers at the forefront of its development strategy.

One of the main innovations that the company, founded in 1956, has introduced is the ‘Full Visibility System’. This is a safety system that provides two cameras with infrared night-vision and eight proximity sensors. It uses technology from the automotive sector, whereby the TFT screen in the driving area provides the operator with total vision of surroundings, enabling constant awareness of elements both in front and to the rear of the vehicle.  This system is available for the whole range of dumpers with capacities from 2.5t.

Ausa now has an R&D team of 30 people who work on machine designs, focusing on the safety of the operator and the surrounding area. This has led to equipment hoppers of the company’s dumpers being designed to ensure high visibility from the operator's position, as well as possessing exceptional design of the counterweight. The latter provides the machine with greater stability under full load and with a gradability of up to 70%.

For Ausa telescopic handlers, visibility is the key element of the distinct design. Work has been undertaken to advance the cab position as far forward as possible, providing the operator with 360º vision. The telescopic arm has been installed in a side position, which permits a more spacious cab, with total width remaining compact. The driving area is spacious and ergonomic, designed to provide a high level of comfort when operating the machine.

With the avowed aim of becoming the world leaders in the market niches in which it operates, Ausa has worked to innovate and contribute in the areas of efficiency, performance and safety, with the latter being the main focus of effort and attention of its entire workforce.


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