Volvo new demolition excavator on display at bauma

Published 25/3 at 12:36

During the autumn of 2018 PDi published a long report on Volvo’s most recent demolition excavator.

Volvo now has three purpose built demolition excavators in its fleet, EC380E HR and EC480E HR, as well as the new EC750EHR. The new EC750EHR is a unique machine developed for both high reach and heavy duty demolition purposes, and is based on the E-series.

The EC750EHR boom reach has been extended to 36m, making it able to carry a demolition tool of up to 3.6t. The high reach boom has a unique design, being sturdy, with all sensitive parts being well protected, is equipped with a dust suppression system, and LED lights for good visibility. Additionally, the boom has a strong linkage enabling it to carry very heavy attachments for short rig heavy duty demolition.  The return lines have also been increased in order to make the closing of the attachment faster. 

The EC750EHR’s counterweight has been improved so the complete weight of the additional and standard counterweight can be hydraulically lowered and removed for transport. The machine has a new extension boom for mid reach (18m and below grade, 10m demolition) and can carry attachments up to 8t in this setup. The extension boom can be used both in a straight and bent configuration. The new cab is purpose built for demolition purposes, and can be tilted up to 30°. It is well protected with a frame mounted falling object guard (FOG) with steel grids on the roof and the front screen. The cabin provides excellent visibility, and is further enhanced thanks to two cameras located on the side and rear of the machine, and a further two cameras on the high reach boom. The cabin also has two large monitors that are easy manoeuvrable, with the operator being able to choose to use all cameras at the same time or just a couple. 

The EC750EHR possesses a very steady undercarriage designed for demolition. It is built on an X shape frame, being the biggest ever built by Volvo, and provides a very low centre of gravity. The track width is in the extended position 5.05m (with 750mm track shoes), whilst the base machine weight is 83.5t. The 36m high reach boom without attachment weighs 19.5t, and when a 3.6t attachment is added, the complete machine weight is 106.6t. To comply with transportation regulations, the machine can be stripped down to a maximum weight of 29t, which means that the track frames can be removed, with quick couplings for this to be accomplished easily.

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