Von Arx releases new series of dust extractors

Published 12/9 at 13:01

On LinkedIn a while ago, the CEO of company Von Arx, Fredrik Åkermark, announced that the company is releasing a brand new line of Von Arx dust extractors. This is quite big news for the industry, as Von Arx is well known for its surface preparation machines globally and it’s a major development for the company to now release a brand new line of products.

Fredrik Åkermark acquired the Swiss manufacturer some years ago and has a long background in developing and manufacturing dust extractors and air cleaners. Many industry professionals will remember the brand Pullman Ermator where Fredrik work for many years. When Husqvarna Construction Products acquired Pullman Ermator, Fredrik worked for the company for some years.

Von Arx products corresponds very well with the product sectors Fredrik worked with earlier in his career, so it is quite a natural step that Von Arx will now also start to develop dust extractors. Now we are just waiting for the air cleaners and traditional floor grinding and polishing equipment. PDi Magazine hopes to interview Fredrik and publish a longer article in PDi issue 5 later this year.

The new Von Arx dust extraction series is called S2 and S3 is available both as single and three phase machines. There are both models for the European and US markets. The high quality single phase machines provide 400m2 to 600m2. They are equipped with Hepa 13 filtration, jet pulse filter cleaning, 7.5m suction hose, wand and floor squeegee. The three phase machines are called T6, T7 and T8, and come with 208V-240V, 400V and 480V. Airflow is 600m2 and they are all equipped with Hepa filter H13. All machines have Longo pack.

We hope to be back with a more complete story on the dust extractors in PDi 5.


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