Welcome back to life!

Published 9/3, 2021 at 11:42

I Hope all of you have had a good rest over Christmas and New Year. We are now well into 2021, but the situation has maybe not changed that much from December last year, although I can sense a little bit of optimism in the air this year compared to last year.

Yet, many nations around the world are struggling with the threat of a third wave (of the coronavirus) with some already experiencing its effects. The mutated variants of the virus from the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa, have entered many countries and it is a race against the clock to vaccinate as many as possible before these Corona-19 variants have too great an impact spreading the infection. The vaccination work looks very different from country to country. In my home country, Sweden, very few people has been vaccinated so far, mainly people in high risk groups and healthcare personnel. I doubt I will have my first shot before July.

Besides all this, as I said, I can sense optimism among both manufacturers and contractors in the industries we cover in PDi. Even though there have been serious cutbacks on many new projects that were planned to start during 2020, and now in 2021, many projects are up and running even though at a slower pace. There is also a lot of anticipation in the air as everybody now wants to get back in business and see the wheels start rolling again after months of a sort of limbo. However, many are still prevented from traveling in the same way as they were before the pandemic. But a good yardstick concerning the situation are the many posts on social media about demolition, concrete cutting, recycling and concrete floor grinding projects that actually are carried out despite the pandemic. Most contractors are keeping up the good work even though it has to be in accordance with the different regulations in each country. 

Suppliers continue to release new products and tools, and this issue of PDi is a good example. Personal visits to clients are still very restricted, so most contacts are still made over phone, email and via digital meetings using Teams, Zoom, etc. I think all of us are really waiting for when we can meet in person again at a trade show, conference or just visit a client. However, at least the first six months of 2021 will be very limited regarding trade shows. Many shows that were planned have been postponed. According to the information I have received, the German trade show BeBoSa has been postponed again, but now planned for September this year. The big question is if World of Concrete will take place in June this year.

This issue contains a lot of interesting material to read. We are running our annual feature on new fully automatic quick couplings, a crushing and screening bucket feature, a feature on new core drilling equipment and our feature on new handheld machines to mention a few of the stories. Enjoy!

Jan Hermansson

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