What’s new in GPR equipment?

Published 7/3 at 16:48

Demolition job sites are often bound by strict budgets, time schedules and regulation enforcement. However, ground penetrating radar (GPR) scanning can be a very important preparation and control measure to avoid unexpected damage and delays. PDi takes a look at a new and exciting development from Japan.

The main advantage derived from GPR technology and equipment is fast and efficient location of, for example, steel reinforcement, rebar, cables, electric conduits, embedded plumbing and water pipes. This enables the marking of a suitable cutting or drilling location in a wall or floor prior to performing cutting and coring work, thereby facilitating the use of the right demolition tool. Today a number of manufacturers of GPR equipment exist around the world that develop and sell machines that are suitable for scanning in demolition applications, with the main players in this growing business being MALA GSSI, Hilti, JRC (Japan Radio Co), Proceq, Geotech and Sensors & Software.


New ‘Handy Search’ from Japan

One of the above manufacturers, JRC, has recently launched the new ‘Handy Search’ NJJ-200K, which is said to be the first GPR equipment in the world to adopt a smartphone as the controller.  This system works by displaying images of the cross section of a concrete structure in a direction that intersects the search target perpendicularly, with the cross section of any rebar being displayed as an angular image. 

‘Handy Search’ is equipped with four detection modes including a ‘normal’ mode for easier rebar detection. This has a ‘navi light’ feature for exact detection even in dark areas, a new LED position indicator and rebar detection assist function making rebar detection simpler. The other detection modes are ‘handle less’, which makes detection in narrow areas possible and by removing the handle, detection previously not possible due to height limitation can now be undertaken. The ‘extension’ mode reduces strain and workload during scanning, with an extension bar making scanning easier in higher, hard to reach areas. It also allows easier scanning on the ground by eliminating the need to squat. 

Finally, ‘Handy Search’ comes with a ‘smartphone’ mode. This is for easy and quick sharing of detection data, immediately via e-mail, or by cloud if the phone is used with a subscription service.

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