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Published 25/2 at 11:02

In this year’s edition of PDi Magazine’s special feature on hand held equipment for concrete cutting and demolition, we take a look at the latest products of 2020. This year sees ring saws, a battery powered core drilling system and much more.

The BS-310 Amiga floor grinder from Airtec weighs only 35kg and is suitable for grinding, abrading, cleaning, levelling imperfections and removing tough accumulations (such as adhesives, tapes, old coatings, paint and mastics). The machine is easy to operate because of its low weight and features a brushless electric motor with overload protection. The machine also includes a suction pipe for a vacuum cleaner, with the suction of grinding dust and particles being a result of the design of the dust hood with two openings. Other features include a handle assembly equipped with hand levers, height adjustment and security button (on/off), an ergonomic eight-cornered body with air slots for the electric motor and water level for flatness control, as well as a protective rubber band to retain dust production. An opening for edge grinding along vertical surfaces and walls enables stand up work. The machine also features a working angle adjustment and rubber wheels with its foldable construction facilitating the easy transport of the machine. Some of the applicable diamond discs for use include BS-310-420 (soft bond, hard surfaces), BS-310-421 (medium bond, medium surfaces), BS-310-422 (hard bond, soft surfaces), BS-310-423 (soft bond, PCD, thick coatings, difficult grindings) and BS-310-520 (hard bond, PCD split, soft surfaces).

Another development from Airtec is the surface cleaner Roto-Chipper RC-1500, which can be used for cleaning, paint stripping, coating removing, etc. The surface cleaner has a dust free operation and double insulated motor. The dust hood allows for an environmentally friendly operation, both in and outdoors. The RC-1500 features quick adjustment of cleaning depth, fast change of cutters and suppressed radio and TV interference. Applications include blasting off rust, scale and paint from hard surfaces such as metal and concrete, preparing surfaces for epoxies or new toppings and removing grime, to name but a few.


Wet-dry diamond core drilling machine from Eibenstock

In spring 2020, Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH Eibenstock will launch a new wet-dry diamond core drilling machine in its premium segment ‘PowerLine’. The powerful PLD 182.1 NT allows dry drilling in sand/lime brick, brickwork, clinker and other abrasive materials as well as wet drilling in reinforced concrete, natural stone and asphalt up to a drilling diameter of 182mm (brickwork up to 202mm). A special feature of the machine is the robust and compact die cast full aluminium housing with a new ergonomic design which allows the PLD 182.1 NT to withstand the requirements of the construction site. Furthermore, the machine is impact resistant and well protected. Due to its short design, this machine can be used for drilling in narrow and difficult to access areas, such as pits.

The durable 2,300W motor with optimised air cooling has ventilation in its housing and high power reserves. The three speed oil bath gearbox enables a large drilling range with optimal torque speed ratios and, thanks to a special oil pump, guarantees a permanent lubrication in different working positions. A connection for a centring rod is integrated in the drilling spindle. For stand operated drilling, the drill rig BST 182 V/S together with an adapter for collar mounting Ø 60mm is also available as a set version. Other features include soft-start, temperature control and overcurrent cut off, overload indication, ergonomic handle with a large dimensioned switch button, PUR construction site cable and integrated levels.


Milwaukee launches 

battery powered core drilling system

At its major product launch event in Europe, Milwaukee launched a battery powered core drilling system for core drilling with diamond tools in reinforced concrete up to a diameter of 150mm, a battery operated power cutter for blades with a diameter of 350mm and a battery operated chiselling machine. The series is called the ‘Milwaukee MX Fuel’ and consists of zero emission machines. The series also includes a battery powered lighting mast and a battery powered drainage machine. The overall properties are no exhaust fumes, no hassle with starter cord and start up, no gasoline/oil mixture, no engine maintenance and the same power as gasoline and cord powered construction machines, but with significantly less weight. The equipment may be used indoors in closed spaces without the risk of harmful emissions.

All machines in the MX Fuel series are powered by the ‘Max Fuel RedLithium battery’. The batteries are patented with features such as protection against fall damage, vibration, water and extreme temperatures. The battery is equipped with ‘RedLink’ electronics that allow the battery, machine and charger to communicate with each other to create optimum performance and battery life. MX Fuel’s RedLithium battery has been developed in collaboration with leading battery cell developers and tested at Milwaukee Tools' own battery laboratory. Milwaukee has two battery sizes for the MX Fuel: the MXF XC406 which has a capacity of 6.0Ah and can be fully charged in 90min. It is equipped with battery indicator, RedLink technology and is compatible with Milwaukee's ‘One Key’ system - a digital system facilitating tracking, handling and customisation. The MXF CP203 can be fully charged in 45min with battery capacity of 3.0Ah, with a charger also being available, the MXF C.

The MXF COS350 MX Fuel 350mm power cutter is said to be the world's first handheld battery operated power cutter for 350mm blades with power to cut reinforced concrete. The MXF DSD150 MX Fuel 150mm diamond drill is said to be the world's first battery powered diamond core drill system capable of drilling holes up to 152mm. The MXF DH2528H MX Fuel 25kg Jackhammer provides high impact energy with lower vibrations than other hammers on the market with cord, gasoline or pneumatic power. The MXF TL MX Fuel lighting mast is equipped with ‘TrueView’ high definition light source with 27,000lumens at mains connection (AC) and 20,000lumens at battery operation for both directional and area lighting. Other news from Milwaukee include the battery operated concrete cap M18 FCOS230-0, the battery operated cutter/gear saw M18 FMS305-121, the diving gun M18 FN18GS-202X, the drill machine M18 ONEPD2-502X, the new tiger saw M18 ONESX-0 and new plant lighting M18 ONESLS-0.


Baier dry coring from ø30mm to ø250mm

Baier now offers the BDB 825 from up to ø160mm and the two gear dry coring machine BDB 829 with a maximum diameter of ø250mm. With a vacuum cleaner, the soft impact system and the new titanium 2.0 core bit, the Baier machines are suitable for dry cutting in concrete with rebar, granite, natural stone, nuclear power plants, etc. Stuttgart based Baier has been producing power tools for over 80 years and exports its products to over 60 countries. Baier began developing a dry coring range in the 1990s, but was then mainly targeting electricians and sanitary craftsmen. In the late 2000s, however, Baier began developing dry coring for specialised use.


378 concrete sprayer from Solo

Solo has updated its construction compression sprayer, the 407-CI. The ‘378 Concrete Sprayer’ has replaced the 407-CI with new features designed to improve stability and durability.  Solo has built its construction compression sprayers to withstand the harsh chemicals used in the construction industry without affecting the integrity of the tanks, pumps and seals. Tanks are translucent and easy to fill, making it easy to gauge content levels. The 378 comes fitted with a 1gpm, 110° flat fan nozzle which allows users to spray higher solid content curing compounds and stains. Jet stream, hollow cone, and plastic adjustable nozzles are also included for general purpose spraying.

Solo makes its construction sprayers out of high density polyethylene, a hard wearing plastic that, in contrast to the metal sprayers often used in the industry, does not dent, corrode or crack. These sprayers are made to survive harsh conditions and save the end user money as it, according to Solo, curbs equipment wear and tear and is less expensive than metal sprayers.

Solo's 378 retains all the features that made its 407-CI popular. The 378 keeps features like the unbreakable wand and robust HDPE tank. Both sprayers share the same opening size that allows for easy filling and thorough cleaning and the same hose for extended reach. Both sprayers help improve productivity with a commercial grade shut off valve with a lock on/off feature designed to reduce user fatigue. End users can pressurize the 378 faster with an air inflation valve using a compressor or air source. Additionally, the concrete sprayer features a stable base for stability. Users can also attach a wheelset and pull handle accessory for greater mobility, with the sprayer including Viton seals throughout for enhanced durability.


New ring saw from Tyrolit

Tyrolit has introduced a new ring saw, HRE410, an addition to the WSE1621 wall sawing system, for wall and floor cuts. This electric ring saw comes with intelligent ergonomics and enables work without overcuts. With cutting depths of up to 300mm, this new ring saw offers an alternative to corner drilling or diamond chain saws. Both its handles can be adjusted, with the rear handle being able to be rotated by 90°. It features a 6.5kW motor with P2 high frequency technology and an overload and excess temperature display. Water intake can be controlled directly on the handle.

Another new product is the revised Tyrolit ‘Premium’ dry cutting assortment with new product characteristics and design. All new Premium discs are in compliance with OSA and the EN13236 regulations. Tyrolit states that the newly designed ‘U-cuts’ of the conventional Premium dry cutting saw blades improve the cooling effect and the reduced segment surface increases cutting rates. In the course of 2020, the ‘Standard’ and ‘Basic’ product lines will also be gradually reworked. The new Premium diamond dry cutting blades include ‘DCU in TGD Technology’, ‘DCU’ (for tackling various tasks with one durable disc), ‘DCE-SILENT in TGD Technology’ (noise damped and universal), ‘DCU-Fast Cut’, ‘DCH in TGD Technology’ (for cutting hard stone), ‘DCH’ (for clean and break out-free edges), ‘DCH-Fast Cut’ (the fast cutting version of the hard stone disc), ‘DCC’ (for concrete), and ‘DCA+C’ (for hard line cutting of asphalt and concrete).

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