WLP Systems presents its new ‘Demolitor’ 70 cannon and other solutions

Published 9/3 at 12:02

The water pump on the new Demolitor cannon is submersible and integrated into the chassis, which, according to WLP, guarantees high efficiency and smooth functioning at 2.2kW.

The new fan designed with side ‘TIPS’ and a new flow aligning system, provide up to 60m of jet with 11kW of installed power. The swing is freely programmable covering an arc of 340° and thanks to the release handle, can be rotated manually. The machine is equipped with one main solenoid valve with an integrated filter, which, according to WLP, is easy to maintain and ensures that the cannon can also be used independently from a water supply through a water tank, without an additional supply pump. As with all WLP appliances, the D70 is equipped with a radio control for operating from a safe distance. The D70 is also available in an approved road version.

In view of the ongoing sanitary requirements due to the coronavirus, WLP has used its know how to design and produce sanitation machines. This led to the creation of a complete line of cannons called ‘Sanitank 70’ and ‘Sanitank 300’. These both draw on the company’s expertise regarding the management of high pressure water and D50BP NCA, using the Demolitor cannons as a base frame. WLP also has introduced the new ‘Sanigate’, a portal to be placed at the entrance of commercial activities, offices, sport centres, hospitals, etc., which, according to WLP, provides complete personal sanitation.

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