Words from the EDA President: Information is the key

Published 5/10, 2020 at 11:23

In these months of uncertainty, we have all sought information for many aspects of our lives including health, economy and even leisure.

During this time, we have realised how important it is to get valuable information, provided by official organisations or by well-known and reputable entities.

With this information, we have been able to make decisions to plan for our future in the short or medium term. For example, knowing the specific health and safety measures during these months we have been able to organise our holidays, adapting our destination or changing some plans in order to continue enjoying some days of rest whilst respecting the recommendations and restrictions established by the authorities. 

In the same way, having access to real data on the situation of companies that operate in our sector of activity can help us to make forecasts and adapt our plans to take advantage of opportunities or minimise possible risks. This valuable information is what each year is compiled and published by the EDA in its European Industry Report: (https://www.europeandemolition.org/industry/eda-industry-report).

This year, more than ever, this type of information will prove to be very useful for companies and entities as this data can provide some security when making decisions in these times of uncertainty. In March 2020, when Covid-19 became established, it affected business in Europe (lockdown, changes in production and so forth) and hence next year’s forecast. For this reason, EDA decided to discard the answers received in its online survey and conduct a specific questionnaire survey about the impact of Covid-19 on the demolition business.

In June, the surveys were relaunched, including new questions which are of interest to both contractors and suppliers, in addition to general questions about companies, developments in 2019 and forecasts for 2020. The EDA Industry Report 2020 (that will be launched in autumn in digital version through the EDA website) will be the sixth edition of this publication. 

On behalf of the EDA, we would like to thank all the demolition companies for their participation in this survey, as well as the dissemination made by the national associations in order to have representative data from each country.  As always, but this year more than ever, we hope that this study can help demolition industry stakeholders broaden their knowledge of the business in Europe and their own countries.


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