Words from the EDA President: The evolution of associations follows the growth of (...)

Published 27/6, 2019 at 16:42

Words from the EDA President: The evolution of associations follows the growth of the industry

This year, bauma has generated the best results in the exhibition’s 65 year history, with more than 620,000 visitors. This is just one example of the industrial growth that different European countries are experiencing.

Last year we could already see good figures for the Euro area and for the European Union as a whole, with growth forecasts for this year also being positive. This is a result of both stronger cyclical momentum in Europe, where labour markets continue to improve, the economic outlook being particularly high, and a stronger than expected pick up in global economic activity and trade being experienced.

This positive situation for our industry is reflected in the evolution of the national associations that shows great activity, not only with publications (such as the industry report that we are starting to prepare), but also with meetings and awards that prove the strength of the industry and its members. We can mention many examples, but now we will only focus on two.

In March, the NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors of the United Kingdom) held its annual meeting and awards ceremony in order to recognise the best work in demolition, innovation, health, and safety. This kind of event provides a good opportunity to showcase the expertise, the knowledge and the good practices in the demolition industry.  The NFDC is also preparing its Demolition Expo 2019 (from 4 to 6 July), the biennial trade fair where it will be possible to see live demolition in action, with opportunities provided for networking and discussing new business. A demolition party to which even the family is invited!

The French Demolition association, SEDDRe, celebrated a new edition of Rencontres des métiers, its annual event, from the 23 to 25 May in Nantes, where deconstruction and recycling stakeholders met and discussed current issues, while manufacturers and suppliers presented their latest products and services. The association also dedicated a special day to acknowledge these developments that helps improve our industry. The Prix de l’innovation highlights these innovations in the fields of demolition, asbestos removal and concrete cutting.

Both the above are open events that show the health of associations at the European level. Not only by the ability to attract professionals of deconstruction and recycling to exchange information, but also to generate debate on how to keep progressing, and also to recognise the best jobs, products, innovation, improvements and practices that demonstrate professionalism in the industry.  Hence, it makes me very proud to see how these associations show their importance and value to the industry they represent.

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