Words from the EDA President: Welcome to the digitalisation era

Published 23/11, 2021 at 14:37

If we talk about digitalisation, the moment has come to stop talking about it in terms of the future. That moment had already arrived, in a way, some time ago. But it became more evident with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, which undoubtedly transformed our lives in many ways.

Abruptly, we had to get used to living with a screen between us in order to do our shopping on the internet, to talk to our relatives while seeing their faces through mobile devices, to celebrate birthdays and special moments from a distance and, of course, to work telematically. The words ‘teleworking’, ‘video conferencing’ and ‘remote’ have never resonated so much in our minds.

Analogue became almost obligatorily, digital, and the change, although too abrupt for many, has not been so difficult. Although we have been talking about digitalisation in the future tense for some time, it has been part of our present for years.

Aware of the importance of this topic, this year we have decided to dedicate our traditional yearbook to it. Thus, the vast majority of the contents of the EDA Yearbook 2021 revolve around digitisation in the field of demolition at the European level. 

On its 120 pages, national associations from all over the continent give their views on the topic and analyse the situation in their respective countries, as do associations, organisations and specialised media. 

Likewise, and with the aim of reaching a larger number of professionals, this yearbook, which is already available for online consultation and the purchase of printed copies, reviews the main initiatives carried out by EDA, namely publications, training activities, working groups, events and so forth.

To consult the yearbook or learn more about it, just visit: www.europeandemolition.org/yearbook


About EDA

The EDA was founded in 1978 and is the leading platform for national demolition associations, demolition contractors and suppliers. The EDA has a strong focus on developments in Europe, which are of interest to the demolition industry.


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