Words from the IACDS President: Infinite expanses in 2022

Published 11/3, 2022 at 08:27

The IACDS has been fighting tirelessly along with its members for years to make our industry better in order to improve and facilitate the conditions under which we and our employees work every day as drilling and sawing has made itself a successful and modern way of dismantling construction facilities. In order to do this we have undertaken many focused activities.

This will continue, as later this year the IACDS will publish a technical paper on slurry management under the direction of Erin O'Brian. This represents a milestone in dealing with the water extracted from drilling and sawing operations. Also, we will happily present further webinars, which are accessible to everyone as usual after registration. And not to forget there is a topic that has been on my mind for a long time: the coming digitalisation in our industry.

The latter is where I see that we, as companies in the drilling and sawing industry, seem to have some catching up to do, at least as far as it regards the non-Anglo/American parts of the world. But what is this digitalisation all about? In short, it's about combining construction site planning, dispatching, timekeeping, resource planning, work measurements, photos, messages, navigation and personal certificates in one system. These functions bundled in a single application give our work processes a whole new impulse. The ‘office’ now actually fits in a shirt pocket and can be used on both a PC and a mobile phone. We have planned a practical webinar on this topic.

I am very pleased to note that one of the largest and oldest of our member associations, the US association CSDA, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary later this year. The preparations for this anniversary are already in fully underway. It is worth noting that the CSDA was a driving force in the development of the machinery used when it came to health and safety and environmental protection. And let us not forget that the founding of the IACDS can be traced directly back to people like Pat O‘Brian, and we look forward with another 50years together.

Please remember that this year in October at bauma in Munich, the IACDS will present the Diamond Award for the first time in three categories: Contract, Product and Public. So, don't miss the chance to become one of the award winners and apply with your interesting cases or new, innovative products.

As usual, you can find all information about the Diamond Award and our activities at: www.IACDS.org

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