Words from the IACDS President: Sustainability and environment, our way

Published 8/7, 2021 at 17:04

At IACDS we never stop looking to the future and, of course, listening and paying attention to the concerns of the present.

This has seen us continually encountering two extremely important issues: sustainability and environment. This has resulted in the association launching a project that we are particularly excited and motivated about in our continuing journey together. A project closely related to the terms mentioned above.

What I am referring to is the slurry management working group which has been created by IACDS. The working group aims to collect existing information from different countries and manufacturers about solutions and best practices for slurry management in sawing and drilling activities. The scope of the group is to foster debate and the sharing of working guidelines, health & safety recommendations, specific regulations and restrictions to be taken into account for waste management.

The progress made by the working group, which kicks off this June, will result in a technical guide that will serve as a basic reference for slurry management and which, in principle, will be published at the beginning of next year. In addition, it is intended that the work of this group will not be limited to the publication of the guide in English. Thus, although we are concerned in this case with future developments, there is a real possibility of translating the document into other languages and presenting it through a webinar, all of which are being considered. This is being done with the objective that the valuable information it will provide will reach as many drilling and sawing professionals as possible. 

For the time being, three meetings of the working group are planned during the current year, all of them in video conference format. If you are interested in the topic, and would like to know more about it, or participate in this new project, please contact us at: info@iacds.org.

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