Words from the IACDS President: Think positive is the motto!

Published 27/9, 2021 at 13:03

We have almost made it through the second summer of the pandemic, dealing with the 4th and 5th coronavirus waves due to the high levels of vaccination. Thus the motto is to ‘think positive’ as we approach autumn in a positive mood.

This autumn will also see another structural survey which aims at transparently documenting and comparing global developments in our industry. As in previous surveys, I would ask all concrete drilling and sawing contractors and manufacturers to take part in as large numbers as possible. Of course participation is voluntary and I promise anonymous, with the results being published on our website again at the end of the year. 

Also this year there will be a yearbook in which the member associations and manufacturers will participate on the subject of ‘Innovation’, and I am looking forward personally to reading many exciting and interesting reports. Furthermore, earlier this month on 15 September saw the annual general meeting of the IACDS take place virtually for the second time. 

On another note, we would like to thank Anders Andersson, who is leaving the board, for his time and his contribution as the representative of the Swedish Association and for acting as treasurer. The free seat will be filled by Linda Dahlin, an entrepreneur in from Gothenburg, who will act as the new representative of the Swedish Association and as new treasurer. This will be the only personnel change to the board. It was decided that no other personnel decisions are to be made until the next meeting in person which will be at the next bauma in Munich in October 2022.

On 23 September, the annual general meeting of the German Association took place in Willingen. This time the meeting was not accompanied by the BeBoSa trade fair which has been put back to 2023. There was a change in the board of directors, as after more than 12 years, Thomas Springer has handed over his baton to Manfred Witzke who can count on many years industry and board level experience. 

Thomas Springer has help shape the association like no other, being largely responsible for the creation of the ‘building mechanic’ profession. It is also thanks to him that the German Association was able to build a museum in Hamm with the help of the training centre there. And it is also thanks to him and his vision of a tool free drill bit connection that the PQ-6 has been fully developed and introduced. Thomas Springer has always been a friend and advocate of international exchange and has always supported the IACDS and its work. For this I would like to say - ‘Thank you Thomas’ - very loudly at this point.

Last but not least, I would like to refer to the ‘Diamond Award’, which will be presented in two categories at bauma next year. Service providers will be acknowledged ‘Best job’ category and manufacturers ‘Best innovative product’ category.

As always, information on this and our work can be found at: www.IACDS.org.

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