‘Work Buddy’ from Tdbs, from the idea to completion

Published 6/3 at 11:25

Tdbs Handels GmbH has made it its primary goal to be constantly up to date, with development process optimisation - safety – being the company’s engine for sustainable customer satisfaction.

Tdbs and its staff are passionate, innovative and adapted to the challenges of its clients' daily problems. The idea to develop something practical for the craftsmen on the construction site and in the workshop turned a simple testing device into an all in one multiple combination called Work Buddy, which is said to have been proved to be ideal when refitting worn out drill bit tubes.

At last year's bauma in Munich, the prototype of the Work Buddy was presented and demonstrated. The company says this was a ‘great success’, which subsequently boosted production and contributed to the further development of the all in one device. Using a cordless screwdriver, the easy to handle Work Buddy is brought into a rotational movement that allows the cutter on the opposite side to shorten the tube or remove wear from the pipe.

Thanks to the precise mounting on the Work Buddy, the concentricity check is in the hundredths range and ensures an optimally accurate reproduction. The connection of the laser for precise positioning of the drilling segment is just another highlight of this all in one device. At what distance and how many segments a tube needs comes from a special disc incl. engagement system. Tdbs believes that its Work Buddy is a new star in the diamond tool sky.

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