World premiere ensures a successful Intermat for Keestrack

Published 3/7, 2018 at 12:53

The Keestrack stand at Intermat 2018 featured an award winning world premiere, as well as information concerning new models and the new structure of its French dealer and service network.

“The show results exceed by far our expectations,” said Kees Hoogendorn, president of the Keestrack Group. “Experts throughout all relevant sectors were interested in our processing technologies. Enquiries did mainly focus on our crushing solutions and here in particular on our modern hybrid and full hybrid drive concepts.”


Attractive new line

Located alongside a Keestrack dust suppression cannon, several crushing tools and wear parts, was the new track mounted Keestrack R3e impact crusher. This was named as the ‘Red Dot Winner’ for outstanding industry design shortly before the show. With a composite steel cover, the compact 250tph crusher comes complete with Keestrack’s innovative hybrid diesel-electric drive concept with 235kW Volvo EU-IV diesel engine, 300kVA generator and two separate electric motors for the crusher drive (opt. 132 kW/160 kW).

These features enable the R3e to work fully autonomously in diesel-electric mode, but also fully electric when connected through its standard ‘plug in’ function to mains or external generator set. Even when connected as such, repositioning of the machine, or adjusting the conveyors, is possible without starting the diesel engine. In all operating modes, a 63 kVA ‘plug out’ connection supplies connected electric screeners or stackers that allows for emission free operation.

The R3e offers high flexibility and mobility with its 770mm x 960mm impact crusher unit (48 ICR 100-00) which features a heavy 920mm rotor (Ø: 1100mm, 3200 kg) operating at high speed. Specially adapted crushing tools, a wide adjustment range for both impact aprons (milling beam is optional) and a sophisticated overload system, provide for a broad range of applications including concrete recycling, and the production of high quality mineral aggregates.

Weighing approximately 32t, the fully electric Keestrack R3e weighs when fully equipped barely 1t more than the diesel hydraulic version. When fully equipped it comes complete with vibrating pre-screen with optional fines conveyor, overband magnet on the main conveyor, and the new optional single deck after screen unit (4.4 m²) with recycling conveyor.

“After three years of development, the Keestrack R3e is the machine which combines all key features of our hybrid technology. It perfectly applies to customer needs for compact high performance crushers and reflects in an almost spectacular way our design philosophy, optimised in terms of safety and ease of operation,” summarised Kees Hoogendoorn. “We received many enquiries, including very specific projects, on which we also discussed other solutions from our comprehensive range of crushing technologies.”


A new set up in France

As well as its new product development, Keestrack announced its new French sales and service network at Intermat. During the last months Keestrack substantially restructured its French distributorship and service organisation, which now consists of ten dealers and service partners. “Processing technology was weakly represented on this year’s Intermat, but we experienced a great attendance of French experts from the quarrying and recycling sectors. Our increased activities are really paying off, and France, as one of the important European markets, shows significant signs for an economic upswing,” Kees Hoogendoorn concludes.

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