World premiere of new battery pack from Gölz at bauma 2022

Published 3/1, 2023 at 13:43

The new ‘BattPak 5048’ offers self-sufficient and autonomous power supply up to 5kW in continuous operation.

Gölz GmbH presented the newly developed BattPak 5048 for the first time at bauma 2022. The innovative battery pack has been designed to provide an efficient and autonomous power supply for corded power tools and machines as well as for any other machine that requires electric power to function. The continuous output of 5kW with a battery capacity of 4.8kWh can be accessed via two 230v Schuko sockets each with a 16A fuse. The battery pack has protection class IP 67 and in addition, the BattPak 5048 also has a USB-A and USB-C port for charging electronic devices.


Flexible usage

“With the BattPak 5048, our customers will have a mobile and powerful autonomous power supply available directly where it is needed. So for any wired device a traditional power mains connection is no longer necessary,” explains Bernd Schmitz, managing director of Gölz GmbH. “Further advantages are emission free use, quick set up times and short recharging times.” In comparison to conventional power generators, noise pollution and exhaust gases are said to have been totally eliminated. The fact that there is no need to run electric cables to a mains power supply reduces set up times on the construction site. The conventional power supply with a 230v connection (three hours), a charging station for e-vehicles or mobile solar panels (depending on the performance profile) ensure fast recharging.


Various possibilities

Due to the high storage capacity and ease of use, the BattPak has been designed for unlimited usage for multiple applications. “Wherever an autonomous and powerful energy source is required, BattPak offers the right solution,” says Bernd Schmitz. “The wide spectrum of uses range from the use for construction applications such as  drilling, cutting, vacuuming and concrete mixing to name a few. Uses in the metal construction field include plasma cutting and welding to illuminating construction sites. Other uses include use for emergency services to power any electric device.  The BattPak is also a great option for powering refrigeration and other electric appliances and devices (without the noise and pollution) in food trucks at festivals, as well as for camping, just to name two of hundreds of possible examples.”


About Gölz GmbH

Founded in 1946, Gölz GmbH is a specialist in diamond tools and equipment aiming to be an efficient partner offering professional solutions in the concrete drilling and sawing industry. For over 75 years, the company, based in Hellenthal (North Rhine-Westphalia) has consistently focused on quality, service and innovation and, together with its customers, is constantly developing new concepts and solutions for professionals using its own diamond tools and devices. Its products are now available in more than 40 countries through dedicated sales and service centres as well as through its own team of trained sales partners. The company has a total of 250 employees worldwide.

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