World’s first 1t electric mini excavator from Bobcat

Published 16/9, 2019 at 14:50

Bobcat has launched what is said to be the world’s first 1t electric mini excavator. Combining zero emissions, low noise and a 710mm width, the new E10e battery powered, zero tail swing (ZTS) mini excavator can pass through standard doors and in and out of lifts.

As well as indoor demolition and basement projects, there are many other sites where zero emissions and low noise machines are required such as urban/city centre developments, night time work and contracts in quiet zones such as hospitals, cemeteries and schools.  When doing indoor work such as demolition and digging out basements, there are very specific requirements, and until now, there has been no standard OEM solution for such work until the new E10e from Bobcat.

Developed at the Bobcat EMEA Innovation Center, in conjunction with electric vehicle suppliers, the E10e is based on the design of the very successful diesel powered E10 1t mini excavator.  The new E10e has the same ZTS profile and identical external dimensions as the standard E10/E10z machine, and offers equal or better performance. As the new machine is designed to be used in demanding indoor applications such as breaker work in demolition, it is equipped with auxiliary lines and an efficient oil cooler system for continuous hydraulic breaker operation. The cooling system capacity has been increased to meet extended demolition application requirements.

The E10e has a lithium ion, maintenance free battery pack with an advanced management system, designed to fit within the standard machine envelope to maintain the machine’s ZTS profile.  Based on customer studies, Bobcat has optimised the battery pack to provide capacity to match typical work patterns.

Like the E10/E10z, the E10e is easy to transport, and in addition to the access provided by its retractable undercarriage (reducing its width to 710mm), the integrated foldable TOPS (Tip Over Protective Structure) facilitates passage through openings with low headroom, for work inside buildings and in basements. Once the excavator is positioned and ready for work, the undercarriage on the E10e can be expanded to 1,100mm.

The design of the E10e ensures that the boom offset cannot reach the feet, providing maximum protection in this area. Operator safety and comfort is further enhanced by the completely retractable seat belt on the E10e. The E10e offers the same safety features for operators as the E10/E10z. With its safe, near silent, zero emission transmission, the E10e electric mini excavator expands the successful features and high performance of the E10z for working in confined spaces.

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