World Series by Scanmaskin

Published 22/2, 2018 at 13:05

Scanmaskin has introduced the World Series which is a completely new line of high quality floor grinders, industrial vacuums and diamond tools.

The development focus of this premium line of equipment has been on providing benefit to the operator, with an emphasis on service, quality and reliability.  “The development of World Series has been based on current market demand and industry trends from customers all around the world. We combine this input from our user base along with Swedish engineering,” says Scanmaskin Sweden AB technical manager Martin Persson.

The first piece of equipment from the World Series released is the Scanmaskin 32, which is a floor grinder with a range of high quality features making it the a modern and fast grinder. The floor grinder possesses a highly efficient operation which minimizes grinding hours by 10%. The machine also features cast alloy components along with a floating shroud, which has been designed for many years of durability and dust free operation. 

Additionally, the Scanmaskin 32 has been built with ease of service very much in mind. Its smart design means that only three screw sets need to be released in order to gain access to the machine house. "This machine gives the operator the greatest time gains, both in terms of efficiency and service life. This is grinding in the fast lane," adds Martin Persson.

World Series by Scanmaskin was launched at World of Concrete in Las Vegas with the Scanmaskin 32 becoming  a popular exhibit for the many visitors to the company’s stand. 


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