Worx and Generac form U.S. partnership

Published 4/7 at 08:14

C.W. Machine Worx, headquartered in Carroll, Ohio, and Generac, based out of Waukesha, Wisconsin, are partnering to offer customers a cost-effective dust suppression product.

Generac recently named Worx as the exclusive distributor of the Dust Fighter 15000 and 20000 models in the United States. Both options will be available to rent or purchase through Worx’s dealer, Company Wrench. The DF 15000 and DF 20000 are mid-sized units capable of reaching throw ranges of 150 and 200 feet, respectively. Both Dust Fighters are equipped with Generac generators and are mounted on trailers. The Dust Fighters’ low weight makes transporting to multiple jobsites easier and more affordable, according to Company Wrench.

Worx was the authorized Dust Fighter distributor 13 years ago when the product was owned by Tower Light. Worx stopped offering the Dust Fighter product to focus on manufacturing its own, domestic dust suppression product line. After successfully introducing the Dust Destroyer to the market, Worx began exploring other ways to establish itself as the leader in dust suppression equipment and technology. Worx’s Product Manager, Hugh Gordon, believes adding the Dust Fighter options to its product offering accomplishes this goal. “We had tremendous success selling Dust Fighters in the past,” says Hugh Gordon. “I’m confident we will build upon this success because of the brand recognition and the price point in the market.”

Hugh Gordon also explained how the collaboration between Worx and Generac resulted in a superior product for customers. “All of our dust suppression products, including the DF 15000 and DF 20000, feature a wheelless base design. Instead of using tricycle wheels, which can tip over if it’s top-heavy or stuck in a groove, Worx’s balanced trailer allows for increased stability and mobility.”

Reintroducing the DF 15000 and DF 20000 allows Worx to diversify its fleet with cost-effective options, which are appealing to a wider customer base. “The price, paired with the weight, stability, and high-quality generator, separates this product from its competitors.”

Worx offers a wide range of dust suppression solutions through its dealer, Company Wrench, as well as custom fabrication for specialty equipment needs.

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